Orchestrator SQL Views

Hi all,

A lot of our clients have on prem orchestrator DB and they request BI solution analytics to seek insights into Jobs and Queues. Is there a specific SQL view I have to query? Are updates and schema changes a concern here?

I understand that there is a Queues and Jobs table. When I am in front end of orchestrator, I can export most information I need from Queues, but not Logs. I do not have sufficient information in the Logs tab of Orchestrator.

This is why I ask, what is the best way for me to pull all data related to Jobs and Queues from a SQL server? I know that that DB must be cloned and refreshed not TOO often. But again, are there SQL views available?

Thank you


Hello Ron,
I guess you will not get an answer to your question. The reason you can find here, in the answer from @CosminV.
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