Orchestrator Specific Issues while automating web application

Hi Team,

As per the automation process that we are performing in one of our processes, there is a window popup which appears on click on the button on a webpage. It is needed to perform checks on the checkbox that appears on the popup.

While executing through UiPaTh User Agent, automation goes smoothly at all times without any issue, whereas while running through Orchestrator, it’s unable to perform click events on the checkbox appearing on the popup window.

Kindly schedule a webex session tomorrow so that we can showcase the same for troubleshooting.

Below are the versioning details:
UiPath Orchestrator: 2018.2.3
UiPath Studio:2018.2.3/2018.2.4

Chirag Jobanputra

You are in the wrong forum mate, community members don’t do webex sessions yet (period). :smiley:
Open a support ticket, with UiPath here.

  1. As far as the troubleshooting goes, make sure Simulate or Send window messages property is check on for the activities.
  2. Please use “Get active window” and perform necessary activities in that.
  3. If that doesn’t work, check if the pop-up window is opening as an image in the machine you are running from orchestrator. In this case, you may have to go through anchor based image automation.
  4. Still not working ? I believe your company has certificates installed which prevent pop-ups to load javascript behind them. Check for valid certificates (Compare from Dev to Prod machines)

Hope it helps.