Orchestrator Setup - On-Premise Orchestrator Server + Cloud SQL server is Good?

Need to know if it is ok to go with on-premise Orchestrator server and Cloud SQL server ?
What things we need to consider in this on-premise + cloud kind of setup ?
We are setting up the new Orchestrator deployment where we already have cloud SQL server which we planning to used for UiPath orchestrator SQL database.
Please help to understand it better.


It varies organization to organization and all depends on how your infra supports how the load will be distributed lots involved.

My suggestion, kindly reach out to UiPath support with your infra team so they can understand about your infrastructure accordingly they will suggest.

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As @muthuraman.g said it depends on the Organisation to Organisation.

OnPrem : As the name said, It requires you have all, the whole setup inside your Organisation and need to maintain by you and your Infra team

Cloud : You will be given a space in a SAAS based application where you can use with other Organisations. There is no need to maintain anythings except the customization and use your data. It will like a SAAS application like a gmail account, where you are using your data

For OnPrem Orchestator requirements, you can check below

Hope this may help you