Orchestrator Session automatically getting expired

While login into Orchestrator with a registered Email ID, I am getting “Oops something went wrong” and session is automatically getting expired with error “Your session has expired. Please login again.” Please help

Url used: platform.uipath.com

Browser User: Chrome

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Hello @mdminhajm22

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This is not an issue. It is a security feature which is used to logout from the application when it is idle and you are not using it. This happens in most of the websites now a days…
It is a measure to protect the data that resides in the Ochestrator from unauthorized people…

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But my session is getting expired when I am trying to login itself.

However I am able to login in my mobile and office PC with same credentials. But when using in my personal system, I am facing this issue

try clearing browser history & cache and see whether it works



I tried that. Didn’t work.

Facing the same issue

Which browser are you trying?

Google Chrome
Version 79.0.3945.130