Orchestrator Service Unavailable After Configuring The Azure Key Value Per Tenant Encryption

Orchestrator service unavailable after configuring the Azure Key value per tenant encryption.

An error occurred while reading the key ring.UiPath.Orchestrator.Core.DataProtection.DataProtectionException: Failed to store key vault secret

---> System.AggregateException: Retry failed after 4 tries. (No such host is known. (azurekeyvalueocdhan.vault.azure.net:443)) (No such host is known. (azurekeyvalueocdhan.vault.azure.net:443)) (No such host is known. (azurekeyvalueocdhan.vault.azure.net:443)) (No such host is known. (azurekeyvalueocdhan.vault.azure.net:443))

---> Azure.RequestFailedException: No such host is known. (azurekeyvalueocdhan.vault.azure.net:443)

---> System.Net.Http.HttpRequestException: No such host is known. (azurekeyvalueocdhan.vault.azure.net:443)

---> System.Net.Sockets.SocketException (11001): No such host is known.

Resolution: Make sure the Orchestrator can able to access the Azure key vault. How to verify?

  1. Copy the Vault URI

  1. Open the cmd and check if you can to do the telnet
  2. How to do the telnet? Execute the below comment in the cmd and replace with the Vault URI.
  • telnet azurekeytest.vault.azure.net 443

If unable to make the connection, work with the IT Networking team to investigate further.