Orchestrator service is stuck with status Disabling

Our trial licence ran out and it seems our default Service was disabled - or pushed in that direction because the status is stuck on Disabling (and has been for awhile), even now when we have new licences available it is just stuck. Any idea how to get the wheels turning again on this?

I added the other one just now and it pics up the licences no problem… but needs configuring.

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Hi @fjalar,

Are you using an on premise or cloud orchestrator?
If you are using cloud you need to click on the user menu on the top right and click license. Then click “see more” on the bot type that you want and assign runtimes to your allocated bots. With an on premise orchestrator there is another step. Let me know if you need that.

Regards, Zev


Hi @zspilman and thanks for the reply.

I am using the cloud.

I am not sure what menu you are referring to. I am viewing the Services section in the portal and there are not many properties to work from there.

I think the problem here is that my first default service - where my robots and machines and everything is currently configured - is hanging between statuses :confused: This is something that happened when the licence ran out for a brief moment…

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Hey sorry got any confusion, the menu i am describing is on the orhcestrator site itself not on the services dashboard. Click on your initials and then licence and then you should be able to allocate runtimes based on the bot type you want


Ah, I see what you mean.

I get that menu when I am inside a service instance, e.g. inside my xx_Operational service. And I did provision bots for that Service from within it.

But it is the greyed out one - xxDefault - that I cannot access, cannot Enable again - or Disable to Enable again, because it is stuck in some kind of Disabling limbo :confused:

I think this is a glitch…

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Its seems like community edition ,
Hope you are not talking around that , if so just contact Uipath technical support

And also try refresh button on there …



Refresh, log out and in againg but no luck. I think this is tech support.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

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Yes , the just contact them , will resolve your issue

I am marking the technical support answer as a solution here :slight_smile:


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