Orchestrator send Alert emails per Folder using Office365 application authentication

The current option for sending Alerts directly from Orchestrator when something goes wrong is to set up the SMTP with user name and password and for users to subscribe or unsubscribe from alerts.

This option is not available in my organization due to the cloud Office365 onboarding and the implementation of two factor authentication. (I guess many organizations will follow the same pattern).

In this case we would like to have the opportunity to send emails using the application option available for Office365 where and application is registered and a secret key is provided for authentication.

Also a more granular Alert distribution should be available.

For example the opportunity to have a distribution list per each folder. In this way different users can be set up to receive alerts from specific automations located in specific folders.

In big organizations with multiple teams developing and maintaining automations this option will send the alert to the interested people and not to all distribution list.

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