Orchestrator Scheduler is not triggering the workflow

Note: Studio 2018.3.3 (Enterprise Edition) and Orchestrator (Community Edition)

Hello everybody,

I have a very strange problem in Orchestrator right now.

Processes that are triggered in Schedule do not start at the desired time, but approximately 20 minutes later. This means that after 20 minutes the robot is set to the “pending” status and then executes the process normally.
Under alters I got this message (which was created even later than the 20 Minutes)

There is also a time delay when I start the processes manually in Orchestrator, which means that it takes 10-20 seconds for UiRobot to start the process.
Additionally under the tab “Robots” the status of the robot is displayed as “available” and on the dashboard as “unresponsive” which is also odd.

I already had a situation yesterday where processes triggered in Orchestrator could not unlock my Windows screen (as described in several forum entries). Therefore I followed the recommendations under this link to solve it but the problem remained.

So I am not sure if my current problem has anything to do with the actions I followed there.

I’ve already reinstalled Studio, reconnected and rebuilt everything in Orchestrator and published the process again in studio but so far the problem remains.

Thank you


Having the same issue, started yesterday, jobs are starting 20 mins later. The jobs run fine, but just 20 mins later. Tried uninstalling everything, reconnecting everything, same problem. Any idea?

Hi @mamko46

What is the time zone you’ve scheduled in orchestartor ?

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Hi @ChagantiAkhil

the time zone is UTC+01:00.

I have now discovered that it is most likely a connection problem between Orchestrator CE and my organization. At least on Sunday everything worked and today there is a delay of 4 minutes again.

I will now try to install Orchestrator locally and see how it runs.

Hi @mamko46

It could have been a performance struggle of the Community Orchestrator at the time.
We are continuously trying to eliminate all of those small quirks of our evaluation Orchestrator CE :slight_smile:

Make sure the time zone is same in orchestrator and your system time zone.