Orchestrator running a task twice, in parallel

Hello All,

I’ve posted about this in different threads, but I think I have enough new data to warrant a new thread.

I have a single machine with a single unattended bot:

I have a process that spends about 20 minutes assembling data from various sources and websites, saves to an Excel spreadsheet, and then emails the file.

When running this process via the studio it works perfectly.

So I publish the task to Orchestrator cloud:

And I have created a process to run:

Problem: When I click the run (Start a job) button, the process is running 2 times, in parallel on my single machine. And I can confirm this because I get 2 emails.

Further evidence, the very first thing in my Main is to log an info message:

Looking at the 2020-06-19_Execution.log on the local machine (Same log file on the same machine), I see the process running twice, starting a few seconds apart:

Lastly - This issue is not specific to this process. This is the SECOND process we’ve developed that is being launched twice by Orchestrator. Any input would be greatly appreciated that might help us figure out why Orchestrator is running our processes twice in parallel.


What does it show in the Jobs page?

Only a single Job is created:

But looking at the logs for this single Job, each log entry is seen twice - Which I might expect if it was running twice:

We can’t run 2 jobs simultaneously on the same machine and with the same user.

If you have only one job in Orchestrator probably you’re using Invoke twice within the workflow.

This log message is the very first line in my Main:

Why am I seeing it multiple times at the beginning of my log:

Very strange. Can you try with a simple Hello World process?

I’ve just created a HelloWorld task - I only got the message box once, but the log entries are showing twice:

Maybe is about this :slight_smile:. Happening to you again :slight_smile:

The point is, that issue was never resolved - Or the cause was never found. And this time, in my current project, I have evidence that it is actually running the process twice.

We tried but can’t repro.

You should give info about version (orchestrator, robot, activities) and try to find someone encountering the same problem.

Or… contact support if that is a paid subscription.

@Pablito Have you seen this?

We think we may have found the problem - If UiPath Studio has been launched on the machine running the bot since the last login, we get the bot running twice. Even if Studio has been closed. It’s like launching Studio launches a second bot. When we log out and then log back in, running only the UiPath Robot, all is well. The minute we launch and close Studio again, we get duplicates. Maybe this is known? Just FYI.

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Are you saying you have an unattended robot running on the same machine you use your studio and also would have the assistant on? that would indeed auto run the process you had published there…

Yes, that’s exactly what we were doing. Maybe this will help other folks new to the environment in the future.


What version are you using? cloud orchestrator + studio CE latest I guess. @radutzp @Mircea.Chelba who could try to repro this?

That i can confirm happens… Since the release of the assistant, all projects i published to orchestrator, end up auto starting in my pc every time i open the studio/assistant. I ended up having to delete the process from orchestrator/assistant…

It’s good to have confirmation. Thanks.