Orchestrator, run job while there is an opening

Hey guys, couldnt find an answer to this. so i have the orchestrator doing different jobs most of the day. however there are some gaps in the schedule here and there. now, ive got a huge process with like 500 items in the queue that takes over 4 hours to do. is there a way to tell orchestrator to work on that queue whenever there is an opening in the schedule(basically between other jobs).

i kinda have to split it up that way as 4 hours is a long time for one job only…



Are you running all processes in same machine ?

Yeah i am. Were getting another one sometime soon, but for now only one.

there would not be a perfect solution for this, but you could change your process so it will take an in argument with the amount of queue items to process, like 5, something that would take less time. Then you schedule this process to run every 30 minutes, so it would fill in the blanks of your robot…