Orchestrator - run job as admin or not


I have a robot connected in Orchestrator. The robot resides on a server with UserName RoboUser.
I have tested it and apparently RoboUser cannot run the job when it only has “Remote Desktop Users” and “Users” access. Here is the error:

Without changing anything on Orchestrator, I gave RoboUser “Administrative access” to the server. And the job ran successfully. However, I want to give only the minimal access to RoboUser so that it can run the UiPath job. Do you know if full “Administrative” access is necessary? If not, what access should I give in order to run job through Orchestrator?

Although I’m against account restriction :roll_eyes:, the robot users only need the Remote Desktop Users role and should not need Administrative rights. The “bad password” error must mean something else was wrong. Can you log in to the robot user manually with no issues? That’s usually a good way to tell if nothing is wrong. Then, also verify the password is correct in Orchestrator.


Bad Password error usually occur when you have provided the wrong password while provisioning the Robot to Orchestrator.

Your Domain Name and Password should be accurate for running the Job.

For getting Domain name :
Open CMD and type whoami and copy the result and paste into Robot Provisioning Page.

For Password
Provide your windows login password.

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Did you test logging into the username manually with an RDP connection? If it doesn’t work, then you might want to consult your IT admins, because then something is wrong with the Remote Desktop roles. Admin essentially let’s you remote to the machine, so that’s probably why it works.

If you are able to log in manually to the machine, then that would be a UiPath issue. In that case, you can navigate the troubleshooting guides found on the forums or escalate a ticket to tech support here: Contact Technical Support

Thanks @ClaytonM!

Yup! The manual login with only Remote Desktop Users access works. It’s just somehow the job failed on Orchestrator when I switched from Admin to Remote Desktop Users access on the Server. Okay I will escalate a ticket to tech support. Thanks again! Happy new year!