Orchestrator - run job after successful

Hi guys,
Is it possible to stack jobs in the orchestrator, essentially i have a sequence that will load up lots of policy numbers to the orchestrator - (for each row - add queue item)
Once this is done id like to be able to kick of another job and allow multiple robots to take from this queue and start processing these policies in another flow/sequeuce.
Is this possible, has anyone had any similar experience?

Hi there @declan123,
You can certainly add numerous queue items to Orchestrator and then have multiple robots initialise, each of which will acquire and begin processing a case.

This means that each of the robots will independently process a retrieved case.

For this to work, however, you will require multiple machines, whether they be virtual or physical.


Right now you can achieve that with scheduling.

Schedule P1 at 10:00 for 2 hours
Schedule P2 at 10:05 for 2 hours

P2 will be queued (via job creation) and it will start after P1 finishes.