Orchestrator robot key for connection

I am trying to connect orchestrator and robot but I am not sure from where do I get the key , attached is the screenshot.

can anyone please help . urgently !!!

Hi @Varun_Dharni,
You need to create machine first. Please follow by LVL2 - Orchestrator Training in our Academy and documentation:


seems like it got connected , can you please see and confirm !!!

Thanks , I was reading the forum and founded one !!!

Yes but please use the full address described on forum’s banner or here:

Otherwise your robot may don’t work properly. Then please see that status is “unlicensed” what means that you need to create robot and attach it to machine in orchestrator.


thanks again but since I am new here I am not able to figure out this.

I created a machine called DlocalMachine First


created a robot called firstrobo with machine name localrobo.

it was not allowing me to create firstrobo with DlocalMachine

can you again help please!!!

Your machine in Orchestrator need to have exact same name as your real computer. In your case it’s “desktop-g9ou40o”.

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