Orchestrator REST API call with xml inputs



Hi fellow Uipathians,

I have recently been exploring REST api calls within uipath, looking to upload items to a queue which is now successfull. Thanks to some hints and help from my previous post Getting activity Context for Argument.set method.

In any case my scope has now expanded, we are looking to get some, essentially, real time stats from the orchestrator. We can do this through robot rest api calls but this removes a robot from our list of available ones.

I would like to do direct api calls through vba in excel but i’m wondering if the api will accept xml body calls? I can see all of the requests written as json. (we currently don’t have the capacity to add the vba-json plugin for excel)

Thanks for the help.


bump… just looking to know if the Orchestrator API accepts XML inputs.


bump number two… looking through the documentation it seems like this only accepts json inputs but i would like confirmation of this before investigating alternative methods.



I would also be keen to find an answer to this.


Hi all,

If anyone comes across this in a few months time or whatever and would like to know the answer the answer is no.

to do this you must use msxml2.serverxmlhttp and set the header “content-type” to be “application/json”

From there most requests are fairly simple.