Orchestrator - Resources in Classic Folders will be removed in October 2023

Hello everyone,

As we approach release 2023.10, we’d like to remind you that Classic Folders will soon be completely removed, in accordance with our previously announced deprecation plan. Starting with the 2023.10 release of the UiPath Business Automation Platform, we will remove all resources in Classic Folders. To be clear, this means that all resources not migrated to Modern Folders before release 2023.10 is deployed will no longer be available in any workflow.

Automation Cloud customers need to complete their migration of resources hosted in Classic Folders before end of October 2023. Automation Suite customers need to complete it before deploying the 2023.10 release.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us in case you need further assistance or you have additional questions about the migration process.

Thank you!

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Hi @sebastian.ungureanu,

does this also include storage buckets that have been linked to a modern folder? Or will only the link itself be removed in this case?

Let me know!
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Hi Jack,

If a resource (in your case a storage bucket) is also linked to another folder than the one that you are deleting, only the link will be deleted and the resource will continue to be available in the non-deleted folders.

Thank you.

No impact if you stay with the 2021 version, correct?