Orchestrator Recording

What is the actual trigger for the recording to start/save?
We use framework with a lot of exceptions occuring in try/catches so I would like to know how to trigger the recording in certain instances.


By using Orchestrator, we can monitor, schedule and remotely triggering our Bots. And also it will provide logs.

I am sorry I wasn’t clear. We are using Orchestrator. I am wondering what the specific triggers are that start the recording when using that feature in Orchestrator.

Hi @rlatta1

The trigger is automatically when a job is faulted according to the documentation: Whenever a job fails, screenshots illustrating the last moments of the execution are available for download. From here: https://docs.uipath.com/orchestrator/docs/about-recording

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Thank you for responding. We are using framework and try/catch, so a lot of our errors are caught without triggering a fail. I am wondering what to manually throw to trigger a recording.

Hmm, I understand your request now. But i don’t think it’s in the scope of this feature (at least for now) because this is to help you troubleshoot after a job fails.

I suggest you add this as an idea here: https://forum.uipath.com/c/user-voice/ideas and someone from product team will process it and discuss the possibility of having what you asked for.

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I don’t think I am requesting something out of scope…I want to use it to troubleshoot failures. A piece of the job can fail without orchestrator considering it a fail due to a try/catch. I am just wondering what type of error I need to throw to allow the recording event to be triggered.

This is the thing, it’s not the type of error that triggers it, but the faulted job.

You can also use the Take screenshot activity in Studio for your try-catch errors.

Yes, I have tried screenshots, they aren’t as helpful as I would hope.
Thank you for your responses.

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So, do you want the processing of the job to completely halt on one of these errors - if so, you can then call a “Terminate Workflow” activity and this will fault the job

not necessarily, I am hoping for a way to kick an error to kibana and record the segment.

@rlatta1 - The Recording feature is for something that occurs that makes the job fail. It is not a code debugger. If you’re throwing exceptions, and need to see an actual image of when it occurred; your only option may be the screenshot. Otherwise, you can take the state of data and log it with log activity.

FYI - Not sure what “kibana” is.

Forgive my ignorance, I fail to see the distinction.

@rlatta1 Think of an Orchestrator like Windows Task Scheduler. You can schedule a lot of stuff to run in Task Scheduler - whether the code that runs had errors or not, the Task will end successfully. If something occurs that the Task fails (like the code to run is missing, or same unhandled fatal exception is thrown) - then the task will show “task failed” - but it wont be very privy to the circumstance of your code not working properly, only the thing that prevents it, the task (not the code the task is kicking off).

So, if you run code and handle all of the exceptions nicely, then, from the job’s point of view, the job ran successfully (even though there are errors you your code uncovered). The job is not your code. Studio has a debugger for debugging purposes. If you have areas of code that your handling exceptions, then those Catch blocks need to provide you with the information you need to troubleshoot.

When jobs fail - its usually for some unknown/unhandled unexpected or weird reason; and as such, this feature is there to help troubleshoot why this unhandled thing occurred. The job =/= the code

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Thank you for that in depth reply. I understand the difference between scheduled job and the code that runs.
The tool itself holds tremendous potential, however not being able to use it for the ‘code’ itself seems like it is falling short of how useful it could be.