Orchestrator Queues not Displaying Metrics

After many attempts to figure out what is going on, I decided to ask if anyone else is seeing this issue/bug?


Recently, the Orchestrator Queues have not been displaying metrics in the dashboard. That is, it used to display “In Progress”, “Remaining”, Average Time, “Successful”, “App Exceptions”, “Biz Exceptions”

No matter what the data is inside the Queues, all these values remain zero (0). Example screenshots below.

Anyone have any idea what’s happening - why are the metrics not being displayed in the Queue dashboard? I’m stumped. No issues I could gleam from Azure side of things…

We had the same issue on one of our Orchestrators, which we just got resolved. They did not disclose the exact solution though. I suspect there’s a disconnect between the SQL database for Queues and Orchestrator, and I’m willing to bet all the analytics are in your database correctly.

Your best bet would be to escalate this to technical support and maybe they will be able to help with this: https://www.uipath.com/company/contact-us/contact-technical-support


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Thanks, mate. I suspected this might be a bit beyond what the community might be able to help me with lol

I did pop into the Azure SQL database, ran a few queries in dbo.QueueItems to take a look at the data stored, and the integrity is fine, the most recent queueitems are matching the queue items currently shown in the Orchestrator webapp… So you’re likely right about the disconnect between the SQL Database and the App Service.

I’ll send it over to support and see what they can do!