Orchestrator queues item status from New to abandoned

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We’re developing a scenario in which dispatcher is placing the transaction items in the orchestrator queues, and the performer is going to process those. There are going to be at least 5k transactions at a time and performer might take more than 3 days to process these transactions, will the status of these transactions will remain “New” or will it become “abandoned” after 24 hours ?
or this case is only valid when a transaction is under “in Progress” for 24 hours and then it is turned to the “abandoned” status?
in the official documents I found this topic be a little vague
Kindly help!

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Hey @shivamkaushik319,

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Transaction status will always be NEW until it is picked by bot.

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Adding to the answer.

Only if the status of an item is in progress for more than 24 hours, then that item will be abandoned.

Else’s all new items will remain unchanged.


with no time limit?

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item will be new without any time limit?

Yes, Item can be new until it is processed :slight_smile:

thanks alot
can you also check this out ?

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