Orchestrator queue - very slow to update the status or add a queue item

Adding queueitems to the Orchestrator queue or updating the status of the existing queueitems takes a lot of time - on average ~3-4 seconds per item. What can be a reason for that ? Can this be improved ? I’m still on a slow ADSL internet, can this be a cause of this problem ?

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HI @MichaelK

I am also on a ADSL network over here, however my network is quite fast and I do not have any slowness in updating queue items or the status. In one of my projects, I usually update a queue with more than 500 records at one go and that does not take much time… However, if your ADSL connection is seriously slow, that could affect the upload speed as well…


The speed is 4.95Mbps download and 0.69Mbps upload.

I suspect that this is really slow.

Maybe this workflow might help: