Orchestrator Queue Numbers don't add up

I am struggling with Queue’s in Orchestrator.

The numbers do not seem to add up.

The screenshots below were taken with No Robots running.

The "Front list of queue’s show numbers that do not match the number of transactions when I look at the queue items.

What am I missing?


Ummmm… 37 minutes later, I come back to the Queue main list, and the values have updated? How are these possibly not real time?

“Select QueueName, Status, count(*) from QueueItems Group By QueueName, Status” . <-- Seems straight forward to me. Is this not what is done for the Automations --> Queues page?

Hey @mjdeale

This is a known scenario for quite a long time now. That summary you mentioned is not really updated in real time. It takes some time to get the figures correct there. Not sure for what particular reason they have it like that, but that has been there for quite a long time now. So if you want to check the exact scenario, you got to get to the transaction level and filter the results to get the real picture if you want real time figures. Or else, if you want to see how the progress is in real time, you can actually monitor your queue to see how many are pending, failed and successful

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The same happens when you add new item to the queue. At summary level with queue name, it shoes 0 items as remaining, but when you go at transaction level, there are new items created. It takes time to reflect on the summary level. May be they have some script that is periodically checking out the count to show at summary level, and this might causing delay.