Orchestrator Queue Deletion

After pushing the records to the queue is there any possibility of queue deleted from orchestrator without Manual Intervention?

NOTE: I am having all the records in the DB and pushing it to queue through dispatcher.


Hi @sharu_priya

Not sure what the ask is here, correct me if I’m wrong.
But as far as I understood you are asking that you have picked some items from DataBase and uploaded them as queue items.

Now you are asking whether that queue could be deleted from the Orchestrator without Manual Intervention.

or you want to know of deletion of queue Items?
Please let us know what it was that you actually wanted.


Thanks for your reply.

I am asking is there any possibilities queue can de deleted …on it own… I mean if sometimes orchestrator is down all the records are deleted from the queue or queue itself deleted.



Queue would never be auto deleted

someone would have deleted it.You can check the audit logs to check who or how it is deleted.Need admin privileges for this


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Hi @sharu_priya - There is no way of deleting the Queue on its own even if the Orchestrator has a down time.

But, there is a concept of Queue Retention Policy, it will delete the Queue items after a x number of days based on your configuration. This will free up your Orchestrator database


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no @sharu_priya

That won’t be the case ever.
It won’t be deleted on its own!

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Thank you @Anil_G for your suggestion

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Thank you @adiijaiin for your suggestion

Thank you @ushu for your suggestion

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