Orchestrator Queue creation dynamically from Uipath Queue

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As per our client request we need to create a Orchestrator Queue everyday for easy audits purpose. So my question is that do we any way to option to create the queue dynamically from Uipath Code, we are having both 2020 and 2019 version of Uipath Studio and Orchestrator. Please let me if there is any possible approach.
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hi can you explain further what you meant?

Yes this is possible

Have a look at:

I believe this is what you want. Make yourself familiar with API calls and Postman.

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Hey @harshavardhan3457,

Its possible and can be done. Here is the quick workaround.

The above approach uses Orchestrator API to achieve the same.

  1. Form dynamic queue name
  2. Form the json payload
  3. Use orchestrator http request activity to create queue using payload
  4. Handle operations for that queue

PFA FYR - CreateDynamicQueue.zip (2.9 KB)

Hope this helps

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Oh thats crafty. :smiley:


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