Orchestrator Question

Is it OK to run 2016.2 robot on 2016.1 Orchestrator?

We are currently unable to start/stop the Robot from the Orchestrator.Even though the Robot is selected to start/stop we get below message

It doesn’t see Running status any more, it shows Busy. I assume 2016.2 Orchestrator doesn’t have Running anymore.

Orchestrator upgrade is planned after 1 month. Please advise.

Not really - there are significant differences (especially in queues) between those versions. From the recommendations we’ve got, it’s actually recommended to run even the same build (MAJOR.MINOR.BUILD.REVISION). Which I admit would be nice, but isn’t always feasible (although when running with 1 build difference we haven’t found any issues related to incompatibilities).
If you actually go through changelogs on some of 2016.2, some of the incompatibilities have been fixed (f.e. incorrect status reported), but some are just functional differences (f.e. postponing a queue item - that’s gibberish for 2016.1 Orchestrator).

Correct. It’s Available / Busy / Disconnected / Unknown (never seen this one, but it’s there :wink: ).


Makes sense, so the all the robots and orchestrator have to be upgraded at the same time. Thanks @andrzej.kniola

Once of the Robot work with Citrix Environment and we are experiencing issues with Image recognition( 2 so far).

Note that 2016.2.6274 made some fixes to how coordinates/bounds are found:

Activities: The Find Image activity reported incorrect bounds, depending on the value set for the Accuracy property.
Activities: The Microsoft OCR engine, when used with any OCR activity, returned the wrong screen coordinates.
This might be the cause.