Orchestrator - Processes Tab_ Search result are not showing as expected

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HI All,

We are trying to search process name(i.e- CM_OTC_025_APM_ConsumptionReport_To_DebitNote_Performer) in orchestrator under Processes Tab, it is giving the first result as CM_OTC_025_APM_ConsumptionReport_To_DebitNote_Performer_2.Please look into below screenshot for your reference.

Actual Result - it is displaying first result as “CM_OTC_025_APM_ConsumptionReport_To_DebitNote_Performer_2”
Expected Result - It should display first result as “CM_OTC_025_APM_ConsumptionReport_To_DebitNote_Performer”

Best Regards,
Naveen Chaganti

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Hi @Naveen.Ch

Although a tiny bug, I registered it for out team to have a look.

I hope we can agree that the priority to fix it will most likely be quite low though.

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