Orchestrator process execution and robot connection errors

The orchestrator often loses connection to the robot and the process becomes pending.
The following error message occurs.

What should I re-set??

(It’s not that the robot can’t perform the process at all; even though it runs well, the robot connection is sometimes lost for several hours.)


-Make sure that the Robot service is running and active on the machine where your robot is installed.
-Ensure that your Orchestrator server is accessible and running without issues.
Check if there are any firewall or network restrictions preventing the Orchestrator from communicating with the robot.
-Verify the robot configuration in Orchestrator. Make sure that the machine name or the robot key hasn’t changed.
-Ensure that the robot is correctly assigned to the environment in Orchestrator.
-Sometimes, the robot key might have expired or become invalid. You may need to generate a new robot key in Orchestrator and update it on the robot machine.
-Sometimes, simply restarting the robot service on the machine can resolve temporary connection issues.


  1. Is the machine being turned off for maintainance?
  2. Is the robot installed in service mode?
  3. Is someone shutting down the machineor vm?


Hi @bbbb

This problem may occur due to following reasons :

  1. If your Machine is not connected to your UiPath Assistant (As the latest version of Orch using the Machine template make sure your Machine key is properly given in the Assistant)
  2. Make sure your Maintainance Mode is disabled in the Machines tab