Orchestrator Process Error: Package not found

I’ve just published a process to Orchestrator but keep on getting “Execution error : System.Exception: Specified package doesn’t exist.”, when I try to run it. I can run the process locally and am attempting to run the process on the same machine from Orchestrator. It’s a fairly large process with MS Word files and multiple workflows in the project folder (but with only one Main.xaml). Has anyone experienced this before and does anybody know of a fix?

I managed to solve this one myself so if anyone else has this problem here’s why.

The problem was that I’d changed the Deployment details (making them blank) so that I could have my own “private repository”. What I didn’t realise is that the location of this repository was “%ProgramData%\UiPath\Packages”. The problem was that this “repository” didn’t exist, so after creating the file and filling it with my packages everything worked.

I hope this is useful to anyone else who gets this issue.