Orchestrator Problem - Login To Console


Exactly. This is how my service is getting restarted each time i restart my machine. But it doesn’t impact my UiPath.settings file.


Hi, Badita

Could you tell a little more about the two difference?

if you connect via RDP you should have loginToConsole: false
if you connect directly you should have loginToConsole: true

By default it’s flase, right?

Is true means the Orchestrator can login to a Windows Robot server without desktop, but console to execute some batch job?


you were checking UiStudio.Settings file. You should have checked UiPath.Setting file.


@jibanjyoti have you managed to get this issue fixed?



i would recommend taking some screenshots while testing in those cases. i have faced same problem and it was a resolution problem (fixed with uipath.settings modification) however it could be a lot of things and screenshot will help you to know whats happening