Orchestrator Problem - Login To Console

Exactly. This is how my service is getting restarted each time i restart my machine. But it doesn’t impact my UiPath.settings file.

Hi, Badita

Could you tell a little more about the two difference?

if you connect via RDP you should have loginToConsole: false
if you connect directly you should have loginToConsole: true

By default it’s flase, right?

Is true means the Orchestrator can login to a Windows Robot server without desktop, but console to execute some batch job?

you were checking UiStudio.Settings file. You should have checked UiPath.Setting file.

@jibanjyoti have you managed to get this issue fixed?


i would recommend taking some screenshots while testing in those cases. i have faced same problem and it was a resolution problem (fixed with uipath.settings modification) however it could be a lot of things and screenshot will help you to know whats happening

What do you mean “connect directly”? If our robots are Windows 10 Citrix desktops what should the log into console setting be?



What do you mean by connect directly or via

I can rdp to my vm manually, but when scheduling from orchestrator I’m unsure how to tell if it’s via rdp or direct…