Orchestrator Password used for Excel File Scope

Hi All,

I have a password protected file and I would like to have the password set up as an asset so that if it were to ever change, I don’t need to make a hard coded change within the bot itself.

I have a credential asset set up with a dummy username and the SS password.
I then pull the credential in and save it accordingly.

The issue I am having is that the ‘Use Excel File’ activity has a ‘Password’ variable option but it is a ‘String’ Variable type and not a ‘SecureString’
Is there a way around this or do I need to just hardcode the variable in as it can’t be converted?



@elliot.barling ,
Convert the Secure String Password to String Type Like below Using Assign Activity

OutputStringPassword= New System.net.NetworkCredential(string.empty,Secured_passwrod_variable).Password

You will get String Variable (OutputStringPassword)
Now You can pass this string Variable in the Password Section

Note : Secured_passwrod_variable is a variable which is obtained from Asset

Thanks @Jithesh_R
It might be my lack of knowledge in this are but I am receiving the following error:

Remove the . between new and system

It is New System.Net.NetworkCredential etc etc…
New is a separate keyword.

@elliot.barling ,
Sorry It was a Mistake from my side
Please Remove . Between New And System

New System.net.NetworkCredential(string.empty,Secured_passwrod_variable).Password


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