Orchestrator Package Update Question is Ambiguous

I’ve just completed the Orchestrator training and came across the following question during the quiz at the end:

How can a process that has more package versions be updated?

  • Processes are updated automatically when new versions of the deployed packages are published.
  • By going to Processes, selecting the targeted process, clicking View Versions and selecting the desired option
  • The only option is to deploy a new process with the desired package version.

It’s possible it’s just me being dense, but this question does not seem at all clear to me:

What does it mean by “more package versions”? More than what? Does it mean ‘multiple package versions’?

What does it mean by “updated”? The possible answers seem to suggest it means ‘returned to a previous version’, but it’s not clear. If that is what it means, then to me, that’s not updating… that’s rolling back.

I’d recommend the question either be re-worded to make it clearer or just removed and replaced with another question.