Orchestrator Outcome Contrasts


I am facing an issue where the package that is been published in Orchestrator isn’t showing the right outcome.

Scenario :
In the workflow, there is an element exist activity. If the element exist is True, it will proceed to Process A while if it is False, it will proceed to Process B. The next process after the element exist is the Flow Decision to proceed. When the process is run from Robot Server, it works correctly. However, when the same process is triggered in Orchestrator, it does not proceed correctly.

Thank you.


Could you please mention the error?

Are you able to send the command to process in orchestrator?

Please let us know the error/Issue


Hi @SukhvinWalia

Is the correct version of package is running through orchestrator?

Can you screen shot the error which you’re facing?


I am able to send the command in Orchestrator, however the outcome supposed to process to Process A but it is misleading to Process B.

The error above only occurs when I trigger the package from Orchestrator. When it is being run in Robot server, it proceed accurately.

Yes, I have rechecked the version.

Hi @SukhvinWalia

Is the entry point for the process is set to main ?



Hi @SukhvinWalia

So the process if we run manually from the studio is processing in a right way, If its runs from the orchestrator its misleading to process B.

Try increasing the timeout properties in element exists and republish it and try again!


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Tried this solution however same error still occuring.