Orchestrator Organization Units Disable?

Hello! I’ve enabled Organization units on a test orchestrator environment by editing the web.config file’s “OrganizationUnit.Enabled” to be true. I need to disable organization units now, as I’m finished testing with them and no longer wish to have them on. I have set the config flag previously mentioned to false but once I log back into the orchestrator I receive “an organization unit is required for this action!” error. I cannot see any processes, robots, or anything. Once I re-enable the option they become visible again under default OU same as before.

Does anyone know how to disable OU’s without causing this problem as it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Tristan_Schott

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Following our documentation here:

Could you try to assign one user to both units before turning it off again? Just a thought.

I would certainly contact our technical support if this doesn’t work, they are much better at addressing specific issues like that :slight_smile:

@loginerror, I’m not sure what you mean sir. I’ve added everyone to the default unit but at the moment it is the only unit that exists - I’ve deleted the others prior.

Then I would definitely contact our support for assistance :slight_smile:

I had the same problem. if this message shows “an organization unit is required” means there are some process or environments associated with the unit . You have to check the database like environments , process or release tables and see if organization unit has a value link to the unit created and also check isDeleted = 1. In my case i found a release item linked to my unit. It was deleted from ORC and then disabled organization unit = false on the web.config