Orchestrator opening/raising Assistant on a production Machine

The UiPath Assistant that is installed on the production machine sometimes causes problems because it is ‘maximized’ or in the screen focus. We realised that the UiPath assistant is opening every time a process starts running from the Orchestrator.

Can you please confirm that this is expected behavior and if you could please fix this or add an option for the UiPath assistant always to be minimized.

Thank you

Hi @Petar_Soce

The following resource will help you with the configuration for this:

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Thanks, will do

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I am informed that the team tried this already and it is not applicable.
This works if we close the assistent completely, and on windows startup it will not open. But when the assistent is working and its turned on already, and its minimized in the tray every time you run the process from Orchestrator it will ‘go up from the tray’ and wont be minimized anymore.

Hello, @Petar_Soce

Can you please tell me what version of UiPath Assistant are you using?
In 23.4 we resolved this problem and now when you run something and Assistant is minimized to taskbar or tray, it will not focus anymore.

Thank you!

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