Orchestrator On Premise over AWS URL issue

Hi All,

I am trying to setup Orchestrator as On Premise installation over AWS. The Orchestrator URL is working fine on the local EC2 but I am not able to access it from another EC2 on same subnet that will have my bots.
The URL is “https://ec2amaz-7079gnk/” and when I enter this on local machine it takes some time and is appending Client Id and a lot of other details to the URL post which the Page opens successfully.
The same URL update is not happening when I try accessing the URL on remote machine. Initially I thought there may be network issues between the 2 machines but a dummy static website on Orchestrator host opens successfully from the other EC2.
Could somebody guide me on what authetication is done when I access the Orchestrator URL post which it appends Client Id and other details to URL.


Hi @Syed_Zulfiqar,
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Please contact with our Technical Support which is a dedicated support contact for enterprise customers.