Orchestrator on Azure as App service

Hi community,

I have created an azure app service having the resource as UIPath orchestrator which setups the orchestrator web app and sql server DB on the azure. I am able to access it as it is running. But what should be the default Username, Password for the default tenant to login for the 1st time.

I am pretty stuck at this. Is there any configuration that i need to set in azure or anything like dat ??

Hi @JDoshi,

Have you tried using the following:

Tenant Name: [leave blank]
Username: admin
Password: 890iop

Reference: First time login post Orchestrator installation

Jeven Dela Cruz

@Jeven_Delacruz It does not seem to work. I am using version 2019.4.* . But again the question raises from where did this login combination appear ? I mean is there some document or some logic ??


It should be on the Installation Guide provided by UiPath, if you’re using the enterprise edition.


I got something wrong while entering the password or what but that seemed the correct one. Accepting it as a solution. @Jeven_Delacruz Thanks it worked.

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