Orchestrator not Kicking off Scheduled Jobs

Our SQL Database server had a catastrophic failure last night and they ended up having to take a server snapshot of that old one and apply it to a new VM. Since the Orchestrator web config file just looks for the URL I didn’t think it would affect RPA much once the DB came back up, and it didn’t.

Once it came back up we were able to kick off jobs manually and there was no issue. However there is a strange issue happening where jobs that are actually scheduled aren’t firing off. Like, at all. They don’t show up as pending or anything like that, they just do not ever start. What is the reason for this and how can I remedy it?

On the schedule page before a job is supposed to start it will say it’s starting “in a few seconds” and then nothing actually starts.

After a second reboot of our server that hosts Orchestrator the issue is now resolved. For some reason the first reboot did not correct the problem.

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