Orchestrator - Not able to Upload file in storage bucket

Could not connect to the server (#101)

Hi @Aravindh_B,
Do you still have this issue?

yes, @Pablito still facing.

@Aravindh_B are you getting that when using the Storage activities in System or when you’re trying to upload directly in the Orchestrator interface?

I’m trying to upload a file directly from the Orchestrator interface.

Is this on premise (including cloud hosted on-prem) or UiPath’s Cloud RPA?
What kind of Bucket it is? Amazon, Azure, FileSystem? If “Orchestrator” and on-prem , then what storage is configured for Orchestrator package storage?
Can you provide call trace (from browser developer console) ?

Shot in the dark: if this is your own Azure or AWS backed Bucket, make sure you configured CORS as per https://docs.uipath.com/orchestrator/docs/cors-csp-configuration