[Orchestrator] n-Users, n-Devices, 1 active robot

Hello everyone,
what is the cheapest license solution for the case described in the topic’s header. As far as I know, it is possible to use just one license on top of the orchestrator license in that situation.

Can anyone confirm this?


What do you mean by “using one license on top of the Orchestrator”?

As for the initial question, it depends on your needs. You can currently have:

  • 1-User, 2-Devices, 1 Attended Robot
  • n-Users, 1-Device, 1 Unattended Robot (as long as the high-density parameter is set to False)

Hi ovi,
thanks for your fast response.
In addition to the orchestrator license is what i meant.

So there needs to be a license for each device at least…(as there are far less users than devices in my case) That’s unfortunate