Orchestrator migration to 2019.10.x from 2018.3.1

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We’re currently having on-prem single node UiPath Orchestrator setup and the version is 2018.3.1 and studio version is also same. the license of current orchestrator is valid until 2022. Now we’re planning to upgrade the Orchestrator to 2019.10.X on both Test and PROD instance of orch to make use of latest features and functionalities.
With no prior experience of migration, I would like to know

  1. How much efforts are involved in the orchestrator upgrade, script migration activity?
  2. What are initial backup and other migration readiness activities to be carried out prior to actual migration?
  3. With existing version of Orchestrator valid until 2022, do we need to purchase separate license for latest version for migration or pay additional cost for latest version of orchestrator?
  4. Whether we have to do this migration on our own or UiPath will be supporting this migration as initially setup was done by UiPath team itself.
  5. Any challenges in migration the people might have faced and how did they overcome - in short learnings and best practices?

Appreciate your help and inputs.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi All,

If anyone has idea about this, please share your inputs.

Waiting on for solution!

Hi @Rohan_Upadhye1
Here as fellows according to your questions.

  1. You can take of your full backup of your App server (orchestrator server) and DB (orchestrator database ) server or the DB all files

  2. No update dosent required new license

  3. If you have proper team you can done with your own if not you can get the help of your vendor to do this.
    And UiPath enterprise technical support always ready to help for you
    Contact Technical Support
    And also you can get help from this forum from any time and may Professional over here and they will definitely help you.

  4. You can following the steps as follows
    Prerequisites for Installation