Orchestrator migration from 2019.10 to 2022.10

Hi Team,

We have an orchestrator 2019.10 installed in our system. we need to migrate to a new server VM and upgrade it to latest 2022.10 version. Most of the articles mention about only migration or upgradation but not both. Is there a way to migrate and upgrade the orchestrator in one go? Can anyone please help?

It is possible!!

But not recommended.

So i would suggest,
1st upgrade 2019.10 to 2022.10 in old server itself. So, that your SQL DB will be opt for newer version.
2nd get new server and new SQL DB and then install 2022.10.
3rd in the new server orch setting point the old sql db and stop the services in old server.

thats it. it will hardly take 2hrs - 3hrs