Orchestrator menus all jumbled together and unusable

I am using a free license of orchestrator and in both chrome and edge the menus within orchstrator are all jumbled together. Not sure exactly when this happened as I set up orchestrator quite awhile ago and it was working fine (1+ year ago). Came back recently and now it looks like the picture below which is essentially unusable since you can’t read or click anything reliably. Is this a common issue? Any idea on how to get it fixed?

Seems some issue with loading the page correctly

Try clearing cache and cookie, restart the browser and open it.

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Hi @Dave,

Welcome back!

Looks like this has been reported earlier in the forum, but I cant find the post now.

Looks like the https://platform.uipath.com has been depricated and if you are still using it, it should automatically forward to the new url for cloud orchestrator https://cloud.uipath.com/. However, modern browsers are notorious with loading what was last accessed.

Could you kindly check if this is the case also when you log into https://cloud.uipath.com/ ?
Please try logging in within a private tab to avoid any reuse of caches or cookies.

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This is something looks like Cache issue, try to delete all the cookies, Temporary files and start again

Hope this may help you


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@rahulsharma, @jeevith, and @srini84 thank you for your help! I was using an old bookmark as I didn’t realize the URL had changed. When going directly to cloud.uipath.com everything loaded in correctly :slight_smile:

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