Orchestrator maximun pending jobs , max 1 pending?

I have three jobs scheduled at 10 am , 11 am and 12 pm , but the first jobs takes to complete 5 hours
after checking 4 hours later in jobs , Orchestrator only shows one job pending which is the second (11 am) .Why dont show the third job . It would run manually . Could anyone has the same experience?


Yes, there is a limit of pending jobs per process
(You cannot have two pending jobs of the same process at the same time)
These would run one after another although scheduled to run with 1h separation; normally first run should process all the cases and the second run would be empty anyway

You can bypass that by scheduling the process with dynamical robot allocation; the item would be then registered as pending allocation and would not get processed until first process execution is finished; but that’s only if you have a separate environment for the robot you want to run the job on.

Just out of curiosity, why would you decide to schedule the process with 1h separation if you knew the process takes 5h to complete ?

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