Orchestrator Manager - Retriveing asset passwords possible from classic folders?


I am working with a project were we are migrating our from classic folders to modern folders. One of the challenges we are having is that the asset passwords are spread among different people and teams within the company, and to collect them all would take considerable effort.

So I was hoping the Orchestrator Manager would be able to assist with that.

So my first question would be: Can the Orchestrator Manager fetch the password of a credential asset (not a global asset) that is in a classic folder and display them in the created excel file?

We unfortunately have no testing environment where I can test this out, although I have set up a community version of the cloud orchestrator to test the tool out. But I cannot create a classic folder in it, just modern ones.

And my second question would then be: How do I go about doing it? I have tried changing GetCredentialAssetsViaRobot to TRUE in the config.xlsx without any success. I get all of the information of the asset I have created in the folder, but it leaves the password column blank in the excel file.

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Credential Assets are, by design, very tight on security for obvious reasons.
For this reason, it is not normally possible to retrieve password from the Orchestrator UI and API endpoints that process entities in “bulk”.
Instead, the only way for the Robot to retrieve a credential is to target a specific asset using its “Robot identity”, not the admin authentication that you use to access the Orchestrator Manager.
This is what the GetCredentialAssetsViaRobot option does, but it requires your Robot entity (in classic folder, the standard Robot itself, and in modern folder, the Orchestrator user running the process/job) to actually belong to the folder and have the right roles and permissions to access the credential asset in its folder:

  • that requires a bit of preparation work to ensure that the Robot/User has access to all these credential assets
  • you will find edge cases where you will not be able to recover all asset values (e.g. asset with per-robot values: you will only be able to recover the value associated to your own Robot)