Orchestrator Mail Settings for SendGrid



Hello, I installed Orchestrator in Azure and now I’d like to send alert mails by SendGrid. Does anyone knows about how to setup? Here is my mail settings in Orchestrator. It does not work…


Hi n.tani,

Do you have the parameter "Alerts.Email.Enabled" = true in web.config file?

Did you check if you can send mail with these settings using Send SMTP Mail Message activity in Studio?

You could also try with a gmail address to check if it works.


Hi ovi,
Thank you for your reply.

Yes. I wrote <add key=“Alerts.Email.Enabled” value=“true” /> in web.config file and checked “Enable Alerts Email” checkbox in Orchestrator Mail Settings page. I can send mail with these settings in Studio.


Hi ovi,
I received daily alert report mail after changing SMTP prot to 25. It looks like Azure does not allow port 465. Thank you for your support!


I cannot get alert mails now… Does anyone knows about how to fix it?