Orchestrator Mail Alerts Not Working

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I have Orchestrator version 2019.10.16 and have not been able to successfully setup email alerts. Whenever I try to save or test the mail settings I receive this error message:


Sorry! An error occurred and the page will reload (#199 - t.component.openMailModal is not a function)

We recently setup a DEV Orchestrator and I’m getting the same error in that instance as well. Any help would be appreciated.


Reached out to support…there is a bug with certain versions of Orchestrator (2019.10.14 until 2019.10.16) that cause this error to show even if you have the email settings configured correctly. The easiest way I found to figure out your email settings is to log into the Orchestrator server and run this PowerShell script. If it works from your server, then you have all of the options set correctly.

$cred = Get-Credential -UserName “test@com” -Message “Enter password for:”
$EmailFrom = “test@gmail.com#this does not matter
$EmailTo = “test@com” #this must be a valid email address
$Subject = “test subject”
$Body = “Test message body”
$SMTPServer = “gmail.com#this is important; set it correctly and play with it
$smtpPort = 25 #play with the port, maybe it’s not 25 (the most common port); for gmail.com, try with 587, 465, 25

try the following command with and without UseSsl;

Send-MailMessage -SmtpServer $SMTPServer -Port $smtpPort -From $EmailFrom -To $EmailTo -Subject $Subject -Body $Body -Credential $cred -UseSsl

If you are using Office365 for your mail like I am, this is what these variables were:
$SMTPServer = “smtp.office365.com
$smtpPort = 587

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