Orchestrator looking at queues


I would like to suggest some general improvements to the orchestrator, specifically to improve the user/operator experience when running robots in a large scale setup.

  1. When looking at queues it would be great to be able to order the queues by how many “remaining”/“in progress” queueitems they have. Current all other columns can be ordered except these two and they are ones I need :slight_smile:

  2. When looking at jobs the filter function is either all states or one specific state. I need more! It would be great to choose multiple states to view at the same time or just to be able to choose which states I dont want to see.

  3. When filtering over periods in generel I need more options! one hour, one day, one week, 30 days is just not enough. I need more options or the ability to define periods I want to see :slight_smile:

  4. When working with scheduling it would be AMAZING if I could see incoming jobs on my machines. Say you 98 schedules across 7 machines and I need to logon to one of the machines to fix a bug or check out settings on the machines. Then it would great to know which machine is not going to start a robot for the next 30min :slight_smile: And more generally our robot operator can use this feature to plan the execution of extraordinary workloads.

I hope this can serve as inspiration for future Orchestrator updates and if people have any sidenotes or other ideas feel free to comment :smile:

Best regards Mikkel

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  1. Filter options on processes so I can see all the processes with new packages.
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I am facing the same issues as Yumwzsch.

  1. It would also be nice if you could move the pop-up windows when starting a job, creating a new robot etc. This might be seem trivial but it would be nice, as you might want see what is actually just behind the pop-up.