Orchestrator Logs filter based on required Date (<30 days from Now)

We have around 30+ processes running in 10+ bots in PROD servers. When the Run count or the input data is low in number, we are happy to debug the logs, issues, exceptions, etc.,. Developers added to the team, Processes increased & PROD servers added. And here comes the problem. Keeping in mind that Orchestrator will pull the logs of all bots for last 30 days. Why can’t UiPath team add a filter in Orchestrator menu based on Date that fetches the data on that particular day.

Suppose, I have an invoice processed 8 days before. As per current scenario, I need to filter Orchestrator logs with 30 days, download the data into excel, filter based on date to find the invoice number and debug the issue. And you know I need a UiPath script to do these things to me with such huge logs :stuck_out_tongue: .

Vikas Reddy

Keep up the Good Work Vikas As a team this is Expected. @ovi , @badita Please Look into it

Yesss. This would be really helpful.

Never a fan of downloading all the logs for 30 days and then checking that particular request.