Orchestrator Logon Takes Long For AD User Accounts

What to perform when logging on to the Orchestrator as a domain account takes longer?

Two workarounds are recommended as below :
Note: Configuration updates are to be made in UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config file

Approach # 1: Configure the following setting to make Orchestrator retain the information in memory for a while

<add key="WindowsAuth.AuthorizationGroupsCacheExpireHours" value="5" />

Approach #2: The following setting will make Orchestrator take advantage of a faster strategy for fetching Active Directory group membership

<add key="WindowsAuth.GroupMembershipFetchStrategy" value="TokenGroups" />

The approach 2 works best for large AD environments made of nested groups, with users residing in a single domain. It does not work across multiple domains.

A user belonging to a specific domain cannot inherit access-rights from parent groups in other domains, despite having a two-way trust relationship between them.