Orchestrator logoff returns 404 error

Cannot log off Orchestrator as it throws 404 error

Browse Orchestrator in a different browser or set httpErrors to "Detailed" and set customErrors to "Off". This displays more details on the error. If 400.15 error is thrown, then the length of query string is too long which causes this issue. In this case, increase the value of "maxQueryString" in web.config under "requestFiltering" section. Below is a screenshot for reference -

Add the parameter "maxQueryString" if it doesn't exist and perform a reset of IIS

If the issue still persists, navigate to %WINDIR%\system32\inetsrv\config and open applicationhost.config in NotePad or NotePad++. Make same changes as above to "requestFiltering" and add the parameter if it doesn't exist. Below is a screenshot for reference -

Please note this change needs a restart of the machine and it effects all web apps that are hosted on that machine.

Also, it is not guaranteed that Event Viewer contains any details of the issue

Other things to check (troubleshooting steps) -

  • "redirecturi" column in [identity].[clientpostlogoutredirecturis] table
  • Network trace in developer tools
  • Compare IIS Features (Authentication, Request Filtering, etc.,) with another working to make sure they both match
  • Added below users to installation directory 
    • iis apppool\identity
    • iis apppool\uipath Orchestrator 
    • iis apppool\iis_iusrs