Orchestrator Login page #500 error. Page not loading

I am facing the below issue with my Uipath Orchestrator. The site is not loading. I am getting the below error message. Subsequently, I cannot connect my Uipath Robots. So the processes are pending.

Thanks in advance for your help!


An unexpected error occurred

[Login Page]


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hi @vasudha.joshi
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this error appearing for the several issues ,
1 check your orvhestrator database drive (partition that your database saving) might be full
2. your orchestrator log will be full and deny to write data as the reason of log(.ldf) contain large
3. IIS hang :restart your IIS will resolve your issue
any way at the first you can check the partition having enough space
meanwhile go to your orchestrator server and go to "event viewer " > Windows logs > Application
then check your orchestrator appearing with the error and it will show you the exact issue


I am facing the same problem please let me know if you solve this. I will let you know if I find anything too

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check the App Server Event Viewer, most probably show the issue


Restart the IIS and it should work.