Orchestrator login issue After change URL

Dear All,
we did URL change for our orchestrator via platform configuration tool from UiPath, after that we are not able to login to the application, after put the user name and passwords the page not loaded to the home page.

The error in event view is:
UiPath.IdentityServer.Web.Security.Antiforgery.UiPathValidateAntiforgeryTokenAuthorizationFilter The required antiforgery header value “X-XSRF-TOKEN” is not present.


Did you try reatarting the iis servers after the change


@Anil_G yes


Did it successfully change the url?

And also can you check this please…if they are updated properly or not


@Anil_G Thanks for you reply, already did it using this step using platform configuration tool here .


I see that you have used platform upgrade tool…but what i want you to check is if the iis detaila are also updated properly in the required settings files…


@Anil_G it’s done alos

Try to clear all the browser cookies or try in incognito mode so that it will get a new antiforgery token.

Let us know if this helped.

@marian.platonov Unfortunately the same, the application loaded but once I enter the user and password and click login the page remains the same.

Can you confirm that you followed this documentation?

@marian.platonov in event viewer showing
1737 UiPath.IdentityServer.Web.Security.Antiforgery.UiPathValidateAntiforgeryTokenAuthorizationFilter The antiforgery token could not be decrypted.

Raise a Support Ticket to see what you did so far.

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After checking with UiPath support team, the issue is the routing type with our router
we change it from SSL to L4)

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